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Tickets are free but required for admission. The DPAC will not allow anyone into the auditorium without a ticket. Children are welcome in the service, but all ages must have a ticket. Ticketmaster will only allow 6 tickets per email address. If you need more than 6 tickets, you will need to contact the box office at 919-680-2787 or email customer service at

Sign Language interpretation available during the Friday 7 p.m. and Saturday 1 p.m. services.

As services reach seating capacity, here are some helpful tips to navigate ticketing.

  1. For tickets purchased online, contact Ticketmaster at 1.800.653.8000 to exchange or cancel your order. Anyone that purchased directly through DPAC (by calling or coming in person), contact DPAC to exchange them or cancel them at 919.680.2787. Please be prepared with your confirmation number, name of the account holder, and number of tickets you wish to cancel.
  2. You may also list tickets you have available on The City Marketplace (no selling tickets, only trading/giving away, please).
  3. If you have extra tickets when you arrive at DPAC, please take them to the box office. We will give them away to others who show up without a ticket.

If this is you, we would encourage you to do one of these options:

  1. Check The City Marketplace for anyone giving tickets away. Post a request asking for tickets, as well.
  2. Feel free to check back to Ticketmaster to see if any new tickets have come available via cancellations.
  3. You are welcome to show up at DPAC up to an hour prior to the service you would like to attend to see if there are any tickets that have become available at the box office.
  4. Please try to come to another time that is not at capacity.
  5. The Summit does not have any tickets available at the offices.

Even though we’re out of tickets, please keep talking about DPAC and building the momentum. People can still volunteer and get excited about spending Christmas with us.

Directions & Parking

Durham Performing Arts Center

Parking will be available in parking decks surrounding DPAC for $5 per vehicle. Our parking team will direct you to the closest deck available. Look for the Summit parking signs.

123 Vivian Street, Durham, NC

Childcare RSVP


Due to limited space available in DPAC, we are only able to accommodate a certain number of kids for childcare.

Childcare will be provided for kids age 6 weeks through pre-kindergarten, but only with a reservation. Check-In for kids will happen on the east side of DPAC on South Mangum Street, and families may drop-off up to one hour prior to each service. Kids are welcome in the service, but all ages must have a ticket.




There are 1,700 spaces up for grabs to serve in guest services, childcare, Boiler Room (prayer team), set up, or tear down. Join us as we give this gift to our city!



Pray for Christmas at DPAC

Ask God to give you a heart that is captivated by his love and faithfulness (Psalm 108:1-5).

Pray that Christmas at DPAC would be a display of the greatness and glory of God, where the the end result would be more worshippers of Jesus.

Ask God to make you effective at inviting friends and family to Christmas at DPAC by making you alert to every opportunity you have to call others to see his glory.